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[Starcraft Shooting Game] Wraith – the Zerg Eliminator v2

Okay, it was something like this..
I was happily browsing my old files
then countered an old GMK file

It’s my 1st game made by Game Maker
I opened the project unconciously

and TA-DA

My Born-to-be-programming soul bursted into blazing fire
Fortifying my spirit to re edit the game

… I tried to resist… Dx FAIL
I started re-editing, adding stuffs, fixing bugs etc

and ..!

v2 comes out! wheeeee x]

**New Features**
Health pickup [random]
Mana pickup [random]
New guardian sprite
New death effects for ALL mobs
New sound
New scoreboard
New missle with faster speed
New special missile! now Laser! Super fast!
New boss sprite with lower health
Balancing stages
Readjusted sound volume
Added button to check highscore
Fixed minor bugs (like unable to continue to next level)


I left the menu and other sprites as it was
didn’t want to fix the whole thing and make a new one.. I still have love for the games I created that might be crappy!


Download :


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