Programming, Music, Games. Creation.

Where am I?

Welcome. Hitchhiker. Have a seat.

In here, we believe we are actually in the matrix and the truth is…..
You may leave now. bye.

If you’re not creeped out enough,

*comes back from restaurant at the end of the universe*

I have raging boner for great interest in programming. My interest sparked off from computer games and now creative processes such as music and design are also under my ‘interest umbrella’. I love computer hardware, gadgets and all other tech-stuff that usually ends up in introduction stage of their PLC. Anyway, you can imagine me as a friendly chill neighbour who knows and helps you with all the techie stuff. Absolutely not creepy, nope.

On serious note, there are two major things I’d like to achieve in my life, one of them is creating the ultimate efficient architecture of software of hardware. Of course, this would need deep fundamental understanding of both hardware and software, and hopefully I will be educated enough one day to do such a thing. The other is to create games/game engines. \m/

I strongly believe gaming is the most unique and creative medium of entertainment due to the interactivity with the player and the developer. Next ten years, gaming will change the world completely and I will be a part of it. The change has just started.

# NOTE : From here onwards, the writing I had done back when I was in school has been preserved  ie. I will sound like a 16 year old with terrible English. Not that I’m not terrible right now :P (15/04/15)

So, how did this blog start? It was one fine day when an immature kid with the wildest dreams realized a huge problem in his life

” How on earth am I going to prove my love for programming when I apply for uni/jobs? “

Literally anyone can say they like something, and never mean it. How was I going to give solid proof and evidence other than during the interview? How can I improve my creditably? I realized only written down, practical evidence, just like the textbooks, would work. (not saying textbooks are to be followed strictly all the time *COUGH History*)
Creating a public Blog and archiving my interest and discoveries was soon found out to be the best idea, and I started doing so, since secondary school.

Although I have no written archive of interests I had in the past, I really had my dream of becoming software engineer/developer since early primary school. That does not mean the archiving is perfect either, I have missed out many numerous things, due to my lack of care or sometimes due to bad quality.

Anyway, it started as such, but I soon began to develop bondage with my personal blog, slowly transitioning from writing archive-only to writing for both audience and for personal archive. Now I post anything I love and be my truthful self sometimes. I’m proud to have this blog.

Because it started and still serves as an archive, some posts may be very helpful, such as this or that or even this but many like this and that crap are more focused for personal archive. Still, I would be glad if you still enjoy both of them :3

Please do note that this blog has been running since I was in secondary school, so some of the posts or the tone of writing can be completely irrelevant or childish. They may even have wrong information!!
Despite of  shits piled up in my blog, I decided not to delete them as I like to keep my memories in physical (or rather digital ><) form :D
I hope you understand and please don’t go back to read those embarrassing stuff now...

I hate reading. I generally hate books for that reason. I try to keep things short in this blog, just for my sake :D


I hope your stay here will be pleasant, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Email :

If you wish to reblog/distribute/modify my work, please refer to this article to help you out.

See you in the posts. :)

ps. I know, its INescapable. Un- sounds WAY more badass. Trust me.

There is no tomorrow. If it’s not fun, why do it?

Welcome to Bermuda’s Unescapable Triangle.
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^ This was my very beginning theme of my blog. Was like, 10 minute photoshop job.


^ current state. Obviously gave much more cares.

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