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Game development now, Mythical Sorcery 10 years ago.

Disclaimer 1 : I was literally a kid(less than 10 years old lol) 10 years ago, yet my greatest interest in game/software development still existed back then. This means the past events and situations presented in this post cannot be very accurate as I am retouching my memories of my childhood, but they are just to give you guys some general overview of the flow of changes :) + This is written in personal perspective :P

Disclaimer 2 : This post is incomplete . Still under development

Short history of Gaming in Korea

Let’s go back in time for about… 10 years. Why 10? Its totally not because that’s as far as I can remember. Totally.

Gaming for average users were VERY different back then.
My first game ever played was Pokemon on Gameboy Colour, and boy it was amazing. I played tonnes of Pokemon although I was never patient enough to collect all pokemons :P

Anyway, not long after I started playing Pokemon, my family got a WindowsOS computer, and a MMORPG came into my sight. It was a MMO which no one knew how popular it was going to be.

Until here, gaming experience is pretty global. But the common sharing ends here. Korea’s gaming industry developed very differently.

No one knew that in future, it would be the longest running MMORPG in history. Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds came like a wind and wiped every players in other games into the gust. It was the very first MMO launched in Korea, and although I was really late for the party (it launched 1996, I started playing around 2000), it was THE MOST popular game back then. This is the game, that made Nexon’s global existence possible.

Soon, a more graphically pleasing and friendlier game launched in Korea. Crazy Arcade BnB immediately became everyone’s favourite. This was rather Bomber Man replica of the game, with multiplayer, game modes, items and other friendly features. Although it was ‘friendly’, it was rather a hardcore game which was difficult to master. This was launched and still run by Nexon too, and Nexon immediately became the dominant game publisher in Korea.

One interesting fact about Crazy Arcade. Back then, Japanese anime called “Top Blade” was absolutely brainwashing every children’s brains. Literally everyone loved TopBlade. EVERYONE. Crazy Arcade launched a game mode ‘Spot the Difference’ with TopBlade pictures/anime screenshots, which further increased its popularity. However, I as far as I know, the game mode was soon removed and pretty recently the game mode revived as ‘Hidden Catch’.

Now you may wonder, why do I not exactly know when the game mode was removed? Because MapleStory launched in 2003. Again, it was Nexon with this amazing game. Nexon really was GOD when it came down to online gaming in Korea. Anyway back to Maple Story – it was, and it still is the most successful f2p game in Korea.

Early Indie

RPG Maker series existed way before this, but to average citizens, weren’t really accessible (Apparently these series were not Windows based! Never got to try them though! I was never born.).
However, RPG Maker 95 was the very first version which ran on Windows,  my first touch with this amazing creative tool was back in early primary school, and this led me to RPG Maker XP. They were simply amazing back then.


Just downloaded CryENGINE 3 Free Non-Commercial ver ;)

Cnt wait to get used to it!!


Personally, I feel more comfortagle with it compared to UDK as its interface is like 3ds Max :P

I played with its terrrain.. its awesome :)



Kinda laggy :( my comp sux..

[Starcraft Shooting Game] Wraith – the Zerg Eliminator v2

Okay, it was something like this..
I was happily browsing my old files
then countered an old GMK file

It’s my 1st game made by Game Maker
I opened the project unconciously

and TA-DA

My Born-to-be-programming soul bursted into blazing fire
Fortifying my spirit to re edit the game

… I tried to resist… Dx FAIL
I started re-editing, adding stuffs, fixing bugs etc

and ..!

v2 comes out! wheeeee x]

**New Features**
Health pickup [random]
Mana pickup [random]
New guardian sprite
New death effects for ALL mobs
New sound
New scoreboard
New missle with faster speed
New special missile! now Laser! Super fast!
New boss sprite with lower health
Balancing stages
Readjusted sound volume
Added button to check highscore
Fixed minor bugs (like unable to continue to next level)


I left the menu and other sprites as it was
didn’t want to fix the whole thing and make a new one.. I still have love for the games I created that might be crappy!


Download :


[UDK Tutorial] 1. Basic Scripting

Tutorial, by a noob for noobs.. hehe x]
I’ll be writing these tutorials based on what I know (which are probably true) and might not be perfect.
Please do use tutorials for references, but not depth studying..



1. Class Override – extends

Lets look at this part of OOHUD.uc

class OOHUD extends OOActor;

class means that we are going to refer to this ‘class’

OOHUD is the name of the class, which should be the same as the name of the file.uc

extends points which class overrides with this class

OOActor is the class which extends points at

Halt! whats Override?

it means to copy every single thing from the class, into the class I am coding

the Copied class is the Parent, the Pasted class is the Child

2. Variables

var string A;
var int B;
var(Variable) float C;
var bool D;

var means variable..(derp) this is very basic stuff so I won’t make further explanations..

to input value,


the value and type must compromise

1.f means 1 in float value
in Unreal Script, placing .f at the end of the value is used to indicate values with decimals

var array<int> Z;

Z[0] = 1;
Z[10] = 2;

this is also quite simple stuff..

3. Default Properties

A = 25;

DefaulProperties makes sense by its name.
if A=25; is in DefaultProperties,
A is always 25 when your UDK starts

Custom Weapon(by merc-ai‎), and crappy weapon attatchment