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MEEPWN! Meepo Guide + Micro Tips in depth! (Dota 2)

Bermuda’s Guide to Meepwn

In-depth Dota 2 Meepo Guide/Tutorial/Tips and Tricks

Last revision 24/08/14 – Overall rehaul is coming soon.


Welcome Geomancer. Meepo is back in 6.80
Level 3 ultimate + Death timer reduction is the best buff Meepo can get ever.

Dota is not a game you exactly follow the rules and regulations, you have to flexible and must be able to make decisions by yourself according to the situation.
Hopefully, this guide will be able to help you develop decision skills to determine what to buy and do according your situation.

Read only Bold&Underlined if you are in a hurry
This is snowball Meepo build.

Let’s start ;)

Before you pick Meepo!

You will have hard time if there is Lion, Lina, DarkSeer, Timbersaw or other instant disables/nuke.
Consider repick if your opponents pick Lina and/or Lion. Full list of counter heroes at the end of the guide.
They. Will. Kill. You. And you won’t like it..


Starting Items


Boots are legit level 1 item now for Meepo, who can literally reach level 3 in a flash with help of supports and start killing straight away.

If there is anyone who can pull you some tangos, replace the tango with either Ring of Protection or save up.

Most of the time, go easy lane with someone to babysit you, disables (who will guarantee your Poof hit) like Lion and Crystal Maiden will not only help you to secure your last hits, but also give you extra potential for 1st blood.

Easylane solo is also a good choice since you start off with boots and if you’re not clumsy enough to get chain stunned at level 1.
I’ve seen some success in the off-lanes although I did not get as much farm.

Still, try not to mid unless you know what you’re doing.
Lower armour than before, and even if you have boots, you are too squishy.


Lets take a look at the skills and items first.

Note : You’re not the most last hit dependent hero during early game. You can always flash farm with your ult.
Don’t get yourself killed in last hit greed.

Your goal items during laning


Forget vlads, forget the old meta.
You may aggro as much as you want once you get your ult.
Play super offensive (Does not mean feed).

Note : Put Powerthreads STR


Let’s take a look at what this earth rat has.


Pin-downs the hero, interrupting Channeling and making the binded hero unable to go invisible.
1 point is a must to get before level 3 if you wish to snowball.


This skill is too good. At level 1, you can nuke 160 magic damage at a radius 375 for just 80 mana.
Use this effectively to get LAST HITS and HARASS – don’t forget you can press ‘S’ to stop Meepo channeling this anytime, you can troll and play around with your opponent.
(This potentially becomes a mind-game of whether you will stop or not – and this may grant you a kill, or even death)
Ask your partner to Disable any squishy enemy hero, successive Poof and some auto attacks will either blow his health near-death or kill him.


Passive, makes your hits more deadlier – extra damage and slow.
This definitely helps you in laning – especially if you can’t last hit.
With this skill, simply whack the creep when its about half health, building up the charges. When the creep is near death, you time your attack and secure the last hit. Easy :)



Get this ASAP. Earlier, the better.

Bermuda’s Usual skill build:

Untitled-1Please get Bind&Poof or Bind&Geostrike before Level 3,
After level 3, usually max Poof for ultimate nuke damage. Get one or two geostrikes since you have two Meepos already.
More points on bind is irrelevant usually, since you can still run down and bind anyone at this stage of the game!

Please be flexible with skill upgrades – Don’t be so ignorant.

First of all, you might want to get level 3 as fast as possible.
There are many ways to do this, simply tri-laning and getting tonnes of kills from level 1 is a choice
But most of the time, dual-lane with level-independent support, who is willing to back off and allow you to leech maximum exp until level 3.

Once you reach level 3. Go nuts.

There are very few heros who will be able to stop you. Instant disables are one of the few, so as long as you are a bit careful, you will kill – a lot.


Early-Mid Game


You need to get this shit fast – at least before 20min mark.
Buy order : Orb > Str > Agility > Int

You now no longer need to stay around in your lane and be bored.
You can roam, nc, or push towers – or do all of them at the same time.

Be flexible to situations.

Normal case :
Follow your team’s flow and stick with it. Remember – Try not to stay solo and afk farm in lane, you are very squishy at this stage of the game.
Stick with teammates and kill some heros and towers!

You have reduced death timer so it means you can be a bit bolder than others sometimes, and your death is even justifiable.
Just don’t miss-micro and get your Meepo killed.

Once you got Scepter

OMG Much choice, such freedom, much WoW

again, Be flexible to situations

You can Roshan, Push, Kill. Discuss with your teammates and play together as a team.


Meepo : Farm and Kill at the same time. 

If you can micro and combo, please buy Blink Dagger right after Scepter


your teammates can’t wait to see your micro skills.

Please move with your team with main Meepo and farm with rest of other Meepos.
This does not mean you disturb your team’s farm – go where only necessary and leech/farm.
NC is a good choice usually.

You could even spread your Meepos across the map! (Don’t forget you can Poof them to others anytime! Don’t fear!)
Hitting level 20+ cannot be easier. If you cannot handle the micro, hide your Meepo in the trees of the lane to leech exp.



Your late game items are simple.

Armlet_of_Mordiggian_icon Assault_Cuirass_icon Heart_of_Tarrasque_icon

In whichever order you want it.

I usually go for Armlet > Heart > AC.

Armlet boost is highly cost efficient and your dps output gets crazy.

If the game does not end even after getting those, I can imagine how hard and tight the game is.


Pick this up and rush for the throne (while your team defends). Trust me, you will most likely win.
One tip, Keep 1 Meepo in the fountain so that the rushed Meepos can quickly escape to safe Meepo.

This is pretty much it for the basics.
It’s time to cover up the hidden details <3


Micro Tips and Tricks + Combos

First of all, coming from W3 DotA, playing Meepo in Dota2 is significantly easier. Why?


Because of this shit + ‘Tab’ throughing the group.
We will effectively use them in micro-ing and also in combos.


Let’s start with basics. First of all, Please assign your Meepos into groups!!
Have 1 group for ALL Meepos,
Have 1 group for Jungle Meepos
Have groups for Laning Meepos
Double tapping the assigned group will direct your screen to the unit.

How I do it
1 – Main Meepo
2 – Jungle Meepos
3 – Laning Meepos
Team fights
1 – Main Meepo
2 – Other 4 Meepos
3 – ALL Meepos

Please use TAB. ITS TOO GOOD.

Especially when you want to mass Poof, W+LMB > Tab >  W+LMB > … allows you to poof 5 in a matter of a second.
This applies also when you want to perma-bind with Q+LMB > Tab > Q+LMB > Tab..

ALWAYS listen to your announcer – when it says one of your Meepo is getting fucked, you are fucked.

When you expect a teamfight, Don’t move around 5 Meepos stuck together when you initiate – this not only makes you a easy target but also a douche blocker in the team.
Using only main Meepo to move around (while others jungle/lane/hidden) will significantly makes micro easier.
Feel free to group all and move together DURING teamfights to interrupt enemy movements

Keep your eye on the Meepo list which Valve has put kindly for you to make life easier. Monitor the health and you can pretty much prevent unnecessary deaths (especially during teamfights!!)
Be ready to pull any dying ones out immediately! Don’t forget- you are 5x easier target but you have 5x more health pool.

When you micro, please don’t spam commands – its really inefficient to spam commands (like mass RMB to move to specific spot) when you have 5 heros to handle. Please use your mouse and keyboard efficiently.


Basic Attack Combo

> Target 1 hero
> Earthbind
> Tab
> Poof
> Tab

and so on.
If you cannot Tab+Poof quickly enough, do it only once.

NOTE : Mid, Late game, Poof can be very precious and it can be worth saving Poof for necessary situations.



Combo 1 – Blink Poof
> Select all Meepos other than Main
> Mass Poof to where you want to blink into
> Select the main Meepo
> Blink in
> Insta-fart-of-death, team wipe.

Ex – According to how I bind my Meepos
3 >  (W+LMB > Tab)*4 > 2 > BlinkDagger + LMB

Combo 2 –  Rotation Undying Meepo
> Have 1 Meepo in fountain
> Move around with other Meepos
> During fights, select the Meepo as soon as it is being targeted
> Poof into fountain using the minimap
> Select the Meepo which had been in fountain
(note that when you Poofed in a step before, you can click the map again to go to fountain vision)
> Poof the healthy Meepo to the fight (using minimap)

This is a combo I created, its amazingly effective during chaotic teamfights!

This theoretically makes you undying unless there is mass lockdown for 5+ seconds.
Important thing is to send the ‘unhealthy’ Meepo back to base and bring the ‘Healthy’ Meepo to the fight, keeping the cycle of 1 in fountain and others in fight.
I have not seen this happening in any Pro scenes, and I potentially see this as making Meepo more tanky.

In personal experience, this works the best when there are no burst damage or long disables.
This combo will make DoT completely useless ><
Note : You CANNOT use the basic attack combo because never know when you need to poof your Meepo(s) back.

During Canada Cup, this was used and featured as top 2 in DC! Congratulations! WP! :)

Combo 3 – Shadow Amulet Surprise MTFK.
> Get a Shadow Amulet for main Meepo, hide it in the center of the lane
> Other Meepos farming/laning other lane
> When a victim comes near, Poof ALL other Meepos in
> this + basic attack pattern usually kills the victim immediately

This combo is possible because you are Meepo, even if your main hero is hidden and leeching exp, your other Meepos can always farm for you.
This combo is ideal once you have at least 3 Meepos.
Upgrading to Shadow Blade seems unnecessary as your Blink Dagger is enough initiation.
Don’t repeat this many times – they will sentry ward. :( you can then sell your amulet or simply hide Meepo in enemy jungle (risky though)!

Why not shadow blade? Shadow Amulet is pretty useless for Meepo already, no point wasting money to upgrade.

Meepo and other Heros

Ally heros

Basically, any heros with reliable stun or ability to force enemies to group up is your best ally.
Some of many, are listed below.

Dark Seer
Ion shell is just good since your Meepo will be near the enemy all the time(ideally)
Vacuum + bind = team bind

Black hole sets up the best time for a blinkpoof. After time your bind so that as soon as bhole finish, enemies still can’t move.
His stun is pretty good too :)

You don’t need blink. Let Magnus deliver heros infront of your fart.
Magnus ult + bind = enemy can’t do (provided that mag got some good number of heros)

Lion, Sandking, stunners&lockdowns
Stuns enemy heros long enough for you to approach and bind/poof.

Counter heroes

Lion + Lina
thy shall not do shit

Dark Seer
If he ion shells your Meepo,
You’re going to have hard time microing.


Every Meepo, Every ECHO DAMAGE OMG

Ember + Bfury = Meepo raped.

Silencer & Any heros with silence
No poof, No bind, No game.


Coming soon –
More combos
Video coverage of all the content in the guide*


*After I get a better PC lol

All item/skill images from

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  1. Soft stools

    NIce guide bro!

    01/09/2013 at 6:13 PM

  2. Lasse

    ty im gonna try to learn it in head :/

    12/11/2013 at 12:56 AM

    • Thanks for checking my guide :)
      Best luck to you, Meepo became more fun and intense in 6.79 :)

      12/11/2013 at 3:02 PM

  3. Fozzyack

    Absolutely amazing guide however what do u mean by “NC”

    17/01/2014 at 12:29 PM

    • Thank you for your feedback!
      NC = Neutral Creeps, ie Jungling

      17/01/2014 at 6:19 PM

  4. deepak rawat

    One of the best meepo guide on the net.. Great work… I just prefer getting a mek and vlads.. For extra survivability! The mek is helpful in extreme situations.. Plus a scepter.. Rest everything the same.. :D

    05/03/2014 at 12:23 AM

    • Thank you for your feedback!
      Yes, I do agree mek helps a lot :) However, I removed since the 6.79 patch since supports got a major buff and they do not have a reason to skip their mek/pipe.. :)
      Vlads, I had forgotten to put that after I changed the build to less nc dependent..
      I will revise on the build. Thank you for your feedback!

      ps. the build has scepter :)

      05/03/2014 at 4:37 PM

  5. Meeponewb

    Thanks for the guide, I’ve learnt a lot.

    However, some questions regarding your second combo ‘Rotation Undying Meepo’. Firstly, when you bring the healthy meepo back, do you manually click the minimap (at fountain) and select the healthy meepo and then poof him into battle using the minimap, or is there some faster method?

    My thoughts on this is that not having your screen on the battle will probably get you to mismicro. So probably selecting the meepo icon with the full health bar would prob be the way. Is this the case?

    Secondly, now that your groupings are screwed up since any of the meepos in the various groups can be at the fountain, how do you control the remaining 4 meepo at the battle? Do you box select the meepos everytime you alternate a new meepo into battle?

    Now this brings my thoughts to the beginning of the battle. Let’s say you want to use combo 1 – the blink poof combo. How do you combo using the groupings you suggested and still have one meepo in the base?

    Long question post, but hope you are able to understand the area that I lack understanding. The part on selecting what and which meepo is probably the most difficult and can’t be understood through watching pro gameplays because most of it are through hotkeys and pre selected control groups that viewers would not know unless there is specific commentary on it.

    I would really appreciate it if you could advise me on the above ^ thanks!

    13/12/2014 at 2:46 AM

  6. shinigammi

    How I do it
    1 – Main Meepo
    2 – Jungle Meepos
    3 – Laning Meepos
    Team fights
    1 – Main Meepo
    2 – Other 4 Meepos
    3 – ALL Meepos

    Explain how many mapoes u assign for jungle and laning and if it’s 1 – Main Meepo 2 – Other 4 Meepos 3 – ALL Meepo why do you have to say “jungle+lane”.

    16/04/2015 at 12:04 AM

  7. wooferino

    Whats LMB?

    23/06/2015 at 10:43 PM

  8. NexX

    i also would take 10 lions if i wouldnt have to play against this silly AXE who blaidmail calls me to death.
    a good meepo counters ember. you are way earlier online. by the time he got bf you got sheepstick (which i do not recommend in general but against ember its quite funny to counter your counter)

    btw DO NOT BUY TREATS go straight for BoT!!! way to good. all meepos can use it seperatly! then you dont need mana either. cos you simply tp some back to the well all the time!

    and PLEASE!!!! forget about all the AURA items. simply dont buy them. it was, once upon a time, when meepo clones where not as strong as the main one. but since aghanims upgrade all aura items are outdated!!!!

    you are no str here! you need some str for survival but pls focus on agility!!!!
    iron talon is your friend… then
    go for BoT (practice till u can do it atleast in 7-8 minutes)
    then go for aghanims by using already the whole map (i give you 15-17 minutes to finish aghs cos u ain’t no abed yet)
    then 1 or 2 dragon lances. cos things are not so hot yet so use the time to get even deadlier. by minute 20 latest go for your blink. at that point you can join almost every fight but be careful. if you do well you have your ethereal at minute 23-25

    noone can stop you… or do that shitty survival items only first where you go for heart and AC and skadi where you might deal a little damage at minute 50 but your enemy carry still hits you down harder cos you failed putting in your brutal impact which you could have done since minute 20
    your peak is minute 25 till 40 !!!! by minute 40 you almost always have atleast some racks down! if you dont feed and your allies dont feed heavily (1-2 feeders you might compensate) you are always way faster online than there carry.
    do NOT FORGET ethereal == 40 agi + 10 str –> the number 1 late game choice

    and you got it at minute 23,… WHO WILL STOP YOU? you smash there buildings like WTF


    21/10/2016 at 7:37 AM

  9. -seraph

    Love you :3

    26/10/2016 at 6:30 PM

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