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I just bought.. Lenovo Y50 – Unboxing, Replacing HDD

I just bought..

Lenovo Y50

* Click on the photos for full size :)

After ages of suffering and eternal conflict against my shitty computer that spawned 6 years ago, I was able to find a good deal for a good laptop for my upcoming uni life :)

AND IT ARRIVED *Hearthstone legendary summoning sound*



Late Quickie Diablo III (PC) Review

I wanted to write this after couple of months after the launch.
However the bloody game simply couldn’t settle down and still is subject to major changes.

Its far from being settled down since Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0 will be patched before Reaper of Souls comes out (ie. before March).
But I have no choice but to write this late review now, as I speculate the new features to be patched not far from the release of RoS and it would be too late by then.

So, here we go.
Better late than nothing

Diablo Lord of Terror

Diablo III Review

The best ARPG?
Diablo 2’s legal but not spiritual successor. 


[Review] Xperia Mini Pro

Speed[spec] : ★★★★☆ [fast enough]
Design : ★★★★★ [personally, its over shoulders]
Touchscreen : ★★★★☆ [only apple gets five stars :D]
Keyboard : ★★★★☆ [quite small for my clumsy bt still cool]
Rooting : i cnt find it for this Dx

[Review] 秒速 5センチメ-トル / 5 centimeters per second

damn it.. i missed my train

Hi! its my first time writing a movie review.. so i ain’t sure im gna write well
but with frndly register, I’ll to my best to make up a general image of the movie!!

秒速 5センチメ-トル, the very movie that proves first love is going to hurt you,
the very movie that shows man does not forget the lady he loved.


iPad 2 Review

yes. It has been almost a month since I recieved my awesome iPad..
i jus couldnt post a review due to exams.. for give me! :)

Anyway, i’ll start ratings

Main Uses : Gaming, Skecthing etc.

Portability ★★★☆☆
this makes my bag heavier lol.. xD

Speed ★★★★★

Quality(when it arrived) ★★★☆☆
there was a blue dot behind.. ==

Overall ★★★★★

I jus wanna say, this stuff worths the cost
and it is extremely awesome
*best for killing time!! xD