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My GPU failure story part 1 of 2 : How to detach your GPU

It was one day, one rainy day, when the horrific incident occurred..

My GPU..
Its temperature at no where near half load..


My GPU fans failed. It took me a while to realize – I noticed game lagged unusually more, I thought it was simply lack of optimization.
ima nub.


I was SO lazy and decided to cheap out, leaving the case open and directly blowing a fan into the components.



How to fix : Web pages failing to load on computers and devices! (Fixing DNS problems)

I personally had horrible experience with my ISP’s DNS,
I don’t even want to talk about it. It failed majority of the time.

If your browser says ‘DNS Error’ and webpages will not load,
If you need to Refresh (F5) many times before the webpage loads,
If you cannot see images in the website and the page looks weird,
If your Appstore cannot download apps through Wi-Fi,
If your Google Playstore fails do download an app through Wi-Fi,
this is the fix for you.


There are two ways of doing this,
Do Fix1 if you have no clue how to navigate settings of your router.
Do Fix2 if you clearly know what you are doing with your router settings.