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[Guitar Cover] Canon Rock

Yahama RGX A2


Pre-recorded version x3

[Composition] Mr. Hyde killed Dr. Jekyll

Mr. Hyde killed Dr. Jekyll
a instrumental song I composed a year ago..
**Inspired by SeoTaiJi – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(YouTube)

Not a descent song, but a good practice for guitar ;)

Download (Skydrive):

This is .gp5 file, you need Guitar Pro 5 to open this file!
(I think I posted download for guitar pro5 with user id and key.. but its in korean :P)

[Guitar Cover] The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

[Tutorial] Reading TAB

How to read TAB for guitar ;D

*This is part of Seotaiji – Juliet

Thickest string(6th) is the lowest in TAB

Number indicates which fret to hold

If its 0, don’t hold any frets for that string but just pick it ;D


For Exampleeeee…


Hold 5thString 2ndFret, 4thString 2ndFret, 3rdString 1stFret

then pluck ALL six strings! [its ‘0’ for other strings]


That’s it xP

yay.. Ernie Ball titanium coated :D

take out the stringss…