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Guide to : Budget Gaming PC 16/10/14

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Budget PC!

Such unique originality in the title!

This PC is for :

– People on budget
– Starters, first time buyers

As I assume you are new to PC building, I selected the products that are available in Amazon, shipping globally and directly from Amazon. You don’t need to be a techie to have an Amazon account.
I will link each recommended product with an Amazon price and link. Prices fluctuate in the market therefore please check the price before purchasing any products – the states pricing in the post might be outdated.
Getting PC components in sites like NCIX or Newegg is recommended of they ship to your address.



Intel Pentium G3258 : $70 Amazon
This is God sent. 
Best budget CPU period. This chip overclocks out of this planet. This is a gift from Intel.
Note : Don’t get feared by the world ‘overclock’. Simple overclocking can be super simple these days and anyone can do it.



Free to Play: The Movie

FREE TO PLAY is a feature-length documentary that follows three professional gamers from around the world as they compete for a million dollar prize in the first Dota 2 International Tournament. In recent years, E Sports has surged in popularity to become one of the most widely-practiced forms of competitive sport today. A million dollar tournament changed the landscape of the gaming world and for those elite players at the top of their craft, nothing would ever be the same again. Produced by Valve, the film documents the challenges and sacrifices required of players to compete at the highest level.


2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

How to make your day.

Open your favourite browser..

First tab :
Second tab :
Final tab :


Guide to : Mechanical Keyboards for First Buyers

I’ve been expecting you. So, you’ve decided to join the keyboard master race? :3
I’d like to say, Y U JOIN SO LATE

An-a-yway, you have just made one of the best decisions in you life.

Congratulations for making a good choice, and I will help you save your time and stress. Thank me.

I said thank me not read the next line.


Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Mechanical Keyboards
Don’t Panic
So much originality in the title.

This guide will..

  1. Introduce you to the world of mechanical keyboards
  2. Help you decide which keyboard to buy
  3. Wall of text in yo face.


Back in 1850… You now expect me to say that mechanical keyboards existed back then. The truth is, I don’t bloody know either.
The oldest mechanical keyboard I know is IBM’s M-series, which has a incredible self-defense function mounted.

There are various types of crazy switches, and since this being a guide for FIRST buyers, I’d like to recommend two types of switches :

Nothing much right?
Cherry MX keys have a zillon types of keys btw.

Allow me to fill you in with famous/popular Cherry MX keys and a Topre key :)


My GPU failure story part 2 of 2 : Tearing down your GPU

Continued from part 1..








My GPU failure story part 1 of 2 : How to detach your GPU

It was one day, one rainy day, when the horrific incident occurred..

My GPU..
Its temperature at no where near half load..


My GPU fans failed. It took me a while to realize – I noticed game lagged unusually more, I thought it was simply lack of optimization.
ima nub.


I was SO lazy and decided to cheap out, leaving the case open and directly blowing a fan into the components.



How to fix : Web pages failing to load on computers and devices! (Fixing DNS problems)

I personally had horrible experience with my ISP’s DNS,
I don’t even want to talk about it. It failed majority of the time.

If your browser says ‘DNS Error’ and webpages will not load,
If you need to Refresh (F5) many times before the webpage loads,
If you cannot see images in the website and the page looks weird,
If your Appstore cannot download apps through Wi-Fi,
If your Google Playstore fails do download an app through Wi-Fi,
this is the fix for you.


There are two ways of doing this,
Do Fix1 if you have no clue how to navigate settings of your router.
Do Fix2 if you clearly know what you are doing with your router settings.


Finally going quadcore :P


After AGES of using AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400,
I finally received my AMD Phenom II X4 955 (95W) + 1GB RAM and successfully installed it :)

Its THE best CPU I can install for my old mainboard, which is M56S-S3 from Gigabyte! (I still can’t believe phenom fits into AM2 socket..!)

For those of you who have same mainboard and wish to upgrade, make sure you upgrade your bios to f6h and buy Phenom II x4 955 95W. 125W won’t fit.

You can always check out your mainboard’s compatible CPUs in the official websites :)


DSC_0387CHAOS PUSHED AWAY LOL >< Installed a ram :3






PS. Cheap Thermal Grease defies Newton

Fixing laggy Flash/YouTube/Games in Google Chrome (solution for fps drop in flash)

Since the last update of Google Chrome, many people began to have extremely low fps on flash games and videos

Here is a simple way to fix :)

1. Type chrome://plugins/ in your address bar and hit enter.r.

2. Click on  (its on your right hand side)

3. Disable pepflashplayer.dll  as shown below

Hide Ugly Ad, Ugly photos, Ugly friend’s picture, Ugly sponser links. Hide ANYTHING!

Introducing.. Adblock Plus! xD
I’m using it both in Firefox and Google Chrome, works with wonders..
In this post, we will assume that you’re using Adblock Plus and applied the Easy List :)
(its extremely easy to install this app in your browser.. simply google the app and apply it with the correct version of your browser)

In here, I’ll introduce how to hide things you hate to see in the web! x)


Pictures/Photos/Flash/ most stuffs


Right click on the picture > Block Element





Right click anywhere > Inspect element

Resources > find the picture you would like to hide > copy the link

Right click on ABP, Go to Options

Add the link as a filter! DONE! (You can also manage your personal filters here.)



**Tip** Use the star(*) to effectively hide resources! :)




1. Select & Right click Approximately where the divider exists

2.   Inspect the element

3. Get the div id or div class


<div id="sponsorad">
Really cheap tofu, click here!

in here, div id is sponsorad

<div class="abcad">
Cheapest tofu, only here and now!

in here, div class is abcad

4. Go to filters,

For div id, add ##div#divid
For div class, add ##div.divclass



To know more in detail, please read the offical post to get more detailed information! x)

Rooney doesn’t like to score goals

See what I mean?

[Illusion] Are the colours different?

Are the colours different?

Im sure the top one looks darker
Now, cover up the middle area where two boxes meet with your finger and see..

They are the same..