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[UDK Tutorial] 1. Basic Scripting

Tutorial, by a noob for noobs.. hehe x]
I’ll be writing these tutorials based on what I know (which are probably true) and might not be perfect.
Please do use tutorials for references, but not depth studying..



1. Class Override – extends

Lets look at this part of OOHUD.uc

class OOHUD extends OOActor;

class means that we are going to refer to this ‘class’

OOHUD is the name of the class, which should be the same as the name of the file.uc

extends points which class overrides with this class

OOActor is the class which extends points at

Halt! whats Override?

it means to copy every single thing from the class, into the class I am coding

the Copied class is the Parent, the Pasted class is the Child

2. Variables

var string A;
var int B;
var(Variable) float C;
var bool D;

var means variable..(derp) this is very basic stuff so I won’t make further explanations..

to input value,


the value and type must compromise

1.f means 1 in float value
in Unreal Script, placing .f at the end of the value is used to indicate values with decimals

var array<int> Z;

Z[0] = 1;
Z[10] = 2;

this is also quite simple stuff..

3. Default Properties

A = 25;

DefaulProperties makes sense by its name.
if A=25; is in DefaultProperties,
A is always 25 when your UDK starts