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Phantom Card Stack Bug fix – Maple Story Private Server v117

Guide for newbies :

Go to in src/client folder
Find public void handlecardstack
and replace the code as follows


This fixes problem of cards randomly flying around in fixed position when the stack is full, making the player unable to attack.
Found the bug during development of v117 private server, and fixed it myself.
Coded by Bermuda, please redirect to this page if you would like to share.


[C++] Binary Swift v1

NOTE (Added 13/2/14) : Back then, I thought binary = 2bin, decimal = 10bin, hexadecimal = 16 etc. Therefore, there are mistakes in this post!!

simple version! :D

only input 10and  8bin,

Error occurs if u input 16 ir ASCII

Created by Max
Bermuda’s Unscapable Triangle

version 1
*/ (more…)

[C/C++] Dropping Stars – INCOMPLETE

with current knowledge, i cnt fin this thing!! Dx

wish u the best, i distribute the source together!

Download :

Reuploaded(13/2/14) :