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Project Rubick – 3D Matrix Cryptography Project – Part 2


Project Rubick : 3D Matrix Cryptography

By Bermuda_UT

Inspired by Enigma Machine


– Cipher and decipher strings using 3D Matrix and manipulation.
– Matrix manipulation must contain unique algorithms.
– Cipher&Decipher algorithm change according to day of year and date.
– Complex change in encryption key according to index of the character and its previous character.
– Compress the encrypted message as much as possible!

Language : Python 3.4.3

17/04/15 : The code works however is currently very unorganized with no comments. Just a framework.

/casual on

New project environment : Linux (Ubuntu 14 LTS), VIM to edit codes.
Getting used to the new OS and code editor..

Finished university project so should have time to for Rubick. Expect updates by next weekend :)

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