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Kingdom Come Kickstarter sounds nice after ESO’s announcement of ‘Imperial Edition’


Caution : RANT

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a realistic, open-world, Medieval RPG where you have advanced combat system with branching storylines.

Sounds awesome, but its on development and is being funded via Kickstarter.

I never used to support these kind of situation, where you don’t even have playable demo for users to try so that we can make a better decision. I was always against Steam Early Access idea, where we literally purchase unfinished product, never knowing when it will be done. It was the same case for Kingdom Come to me, I had the greatest interest but there was simply no demo or review from reviewers I trust. It was the case, until Elder Scroll’s Online messed up.

Elder Scrolls Online, the next gen MMORPG, is(or rather was) a huge anticipated game for a lot of people who loves ES series. Despite of it having retail box price and monthly subscription fee, it was generally accepted ‘OK’ in the public and hypetrain continued – until a bonus for preordering was leaked and confirmed official.

If you pre-order the game – ESO – in collector’s edition (Imperial Edition), you have excess to a exclusive race. You even have EXP boost.


Why is this a problem?

Because ESO has box price AND subscription fee – these exists so that you don’t have to deal with this bullshit pay-to-access contents. Look at WoW, its subscription based game and you have excess for every content. It is the case for all subscription based MMORPG. In ESO, there is no point of subscription based system now.

ESO has done a dick move, and I feel horrible for the developers. They must have been committed and working hard to develop such game, and shitty short-term business move comes in from the marketing department, and your hard work is now being pointed as a bad example. I am disappointed, and will never play/buy ESO until it goes free to play now.

Anyway, why is Kingdom Come’s kickstater sounds nice after this?

Because I believe Kickstarter might be the future for game developers, where you have freedom from publisher’s marketing shitty moves. Star Citizen is the most successful game that was funded via Kickstarter and developers literally do not need a big publisher to advance their development now. Devs are free from business moves and they can publish the game as they wanted.

As a student who wishes to become a software developer, games or other software, I wish developers had some control over their creation. I hope short-term, ignorant business move, like ESO, does not kick in ever again in the future.

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