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My experience setting up LAN in school

Couple of years back when I was still in school, they decided to open up a new computer lab for secondary students. The ICT teacher back then was taking care of such business, and I volunteered/was suggested to help him out setting up LAN in the brand new lab :D


Here it is. The new empty lab!


First job was to run the cables from the set positions,


like this =.=


and make them neat inside the cable covers :D

2_3 2_4

My back broke doing this.

But.. It was just a beginning!


So I went up

22 23 25 26

Smelt all the shits candies and routed the cable across the ceiling.


Nice hair :D haha >< Every cables finally make it here, where the router will be placed.


Next job was to take the ends of the cables, and shove RJ45 interface.
It looked complicated, but was simple after a while! Its simply removing the rubber cable, untangle and arrange the coloured cables in the correct order.
The plastic interface was simply ‘clipped’ in using a special tool, which I don’t have any picture of ops. XD


Now back to the ‘branches’ from the router, where the cables came from.
I had to connect these too manually for every set positions.


They are all colour coded, and used that yellow tool thingy to shove the cable in for the metal part to make contact with the case top.


Cut off extra wires for beauty, and for safety.


After connecting all the cables (approax. 30), it was time for testing.
One side was connected to the signal sender, the other to receiver.
The signal was sent in rhythmical way (from 1 to 8 and G) and the receiver read the sent signal and light up(from 1 to 8 and G).
This made sure all the cables were properly in correct order(lights up ascending).
If the cable was damaged, some lights wouldn’t light and if the order was not correct, the lights in the receiver would not light in correct order.


Finally after testing, cables were connected to the router, filling all the slots (only a quarter in the picture though lol).
By the way! I lied above, HERE is the picture of the ‘tool’ you use to clip RJ45 interface into a cable! Its sitting on the router.

That’s pretty much it. I apologize for awkward-sounding post, I don’t remember crystal clear about this event since it has been years lol.
Thanks for reading and see you soon :)

Hopefully with less awkward post.
awkward bold
awkward itallics

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