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Late Quickie Diablo III (PC) Review

I wanted to write this after couple of months after the launch.
However the bloody game simply couldn’t settle down and still is subject to major changes.

Its far from being settled down since Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0 will be patched before Reaper of Souls comes out (ie. before March).
But I have no choice but to write this late review now, as I speculate the new features to be patched not far from the release of RoS and it would be too late by then.

So, here we go.
Better late than nothing

Diablo Lord of Terror

Diablo III Review

The best ARPG?
Diablo 2’s legal but not spiritual successor. 

*click here to skip to tl;dr summary

1. Combat


Absolutely fantastic. Best ARPG combat system as of now.

Combat is responsive, pleasing and impactful. Combat surely is light years ahead of other games in the genre.
If you want the best ARPG combat, Diablo 3 is the way to go. No other games in the genre are as good as D3’s combat. PERIOD.


2. Lore & Storyline

More like a beautiful cake with wooden insides. Visuals are simply amazing unlike the actual story lol. What can we expect from ARPG, blame me.

^ More like a beautiful cake with rotten insides. Visuals are simply amazing unlike the actual story lol. What can we expect from ARPG though, blame me.

Deep and advanced Lore, horrendous script and storylines. 

Diablo’s lore is simply amazing and has depth. There are some serious chain story lines from the previous D1,2 and the continuing setting and environment keeps the original players involved and interested. From the creation of the universe, followed by the formation of the Sanctuary to the Eternal Conflict is simply amazing. The setting of the Diablo series cannot be better.

However, the storyline in D3 seems to have been written by some cheesy ass highschool student.

Dialogues are simply too childish without any depth and storyline in D3 will make your fists crumble in cheesiness. I’m just going to stop ranting here since thinking about it makes me go mad. Storyline kills the epic lore and background. End of story.
Blizz, you have done a terrible, terrible job presenting the epic lore and background. Ruining my childhood was a bonus.
In short, skip all the dialogues if you wish to avoid brain harassment, unless you love those cheesy childish stories and awkward dialogues.

3. End game

… T.T BLIZZ WHY U DO DIS… I can pretty much say.. Worst endgame ever.. At least MMOs  have constant content updates..
D3 end game is like.. Just.. No… [But how about..?] GOD NO.

PVP, Now is too late. The items/skills are completely focused on PvE. Do NOT expect PvP until second expansion.

^ PvP system that existed before launch. It did not make it for some reason and now it’s too late. The items/skills are completely focused on PvE. Do NOT expect PvP until second expansion. I speculate individual set of gears for PvP.

The only endgame as of now is:
Farm gold > Auction house > Gear up > farm
Loop. When geared enough, go for special events like Key Wardens.. If your friends on your friend list still play.
Paragon 2.0 might bring some changes but.. I’m not sure!

NOTE : To those of you who do not play a single game up to 800+hours, you don’t need to worry about end game. This section only applies to hardcore farm lovers ;)
NOTE2 : Just extra bit information, I reached the ‘exhaustion’ point about at 600 hour mark, and completely stopped the game at about 800~900 hour mark. $60 was worth no matter what XD

4. Conspiracy

Ok. Let’s stop trolling and be serious. Kappa.

I’m really serious now.Kappa lol sorry I had to do this XD

There was great hype before the launch of the game – it was the biggest release of the decade. For some unknown reason, people (mostly those who never played D2 before) expected a game to be something they would play for 42 billion hours. Of course, Blizzard is not GOD are they? Players were let down significantly as they never knew what they were getting themselves into. Diablo, Hack and Slash ARPG, from its nature, is a farming game. To the pretenders behind the masks of the internet, please go fuck yourselves. Pretending to be diablo franchise fan? Stop pretending to follow the ‘trend’. Be yourself – approach the community and the company as a NEW comer and present your opinion in YOUR TRUE view, not in imaginary assumptions of what D2 fan would have said.
Furthermore, due to childish complaints about impossible-ish™ inferno level and casual community going nuts on the forums, Blizzard had no choice but to alter the game so much, so much so that the game is no longer suitable for hardcore players.

The game as of now is very casual, you are able to find your most comfortable difficulty, farming and grinding without any challenge.
Its just a matter of time to get good gear and advancing forward to harder difficulties.
There is no challenge of fighting against impossible army, no community and the game has been too corrupted to be played after reaching endgame.

The forums are pretty much rotten, full of haters who ruined the good initial game. I’d recommend not joining their community if you want to play in peace based on my decision after reading the forum posts for a reasonable period. (Especially true for Korean forum. Trust me, competitors have paid workers to talk shit about the game in Korean Diablo Blizzard forum. Hands down.)

Anyway, I may have sounded a bit to the extreme above but I have no intentions of editing.

But please do keep in mind, there are valid and fair reviews and comments made on the forums too – however overwhelmed by ‘D2 fans’.

5. Cow level , PvP, Ladder and fundamentals of Diablo 2


No cow level ;_; No PvP.. W..a…hat? No skill/stat points, no ladder what ever. Lets make wreck this series. YOLOLOL.
But there is random rainbow pony level.. Which nobody seem to like.. Cow level was funny because it suited the Diablo atmosphere and was ridiculous. Pony level, is just acting like a class clown. You could have done much better, I was(*) very disappointed.
*WAS disappointed about the pony level – not because I find it funny now, but because it does not matter when I am busy being disappointed about other aspects of the game *totally not pvp*
For those of you who haven’t noticed already reading till this far, I am truly disappointed about the game (because I have memories of D2, which makes it unfair but.. Deal with it B/)

Lack of PvP and Ladder ultimately makes the game a only legal successor of D2, ie its a successor of D2 because legally it is. It never has fundamentals of Diablo game, no PvP, Ladder, Skill/Stat Point system. Even the fonts used in game for the dropped items are modern fonts, completely breaking the Diablo atmosphere.

I cannot talk about D1 since I was literally a baby when it first released, but I can surely talk about D2:LoR which I played A LOT.
What made D2 fun for me was firstly the Skill/Stat Point System – I could try bizarre builds with crazy skill distribution, creating my own unique (but my suck lol) characters. That made the me, and many other players, feel involved in the character progression and development of unique individual characters. Now, D3 is just Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V. It is, rather, too simple. May be gameplay director likes simple mobile casual games. I feel Blizzard is slowly transitioning into mobile platforms, based on their latest work, Hearthstone. Blizzard, that is not the future of gaming and you will fail in your current vision. You’ve made games casual – all WoW, SC, Diablo. You have erased elements of the game you felt was too pesky. Some were great changes, most are questionable.

While building the character was my main fun in Diablo, I too enjoyed PvP and Ladder (mostly PvP though :P)! Although I was never hardcore about those, playing and competing with friends was purely enjoyable! Diablo 3 is purely coop, absolutely no competing system. May be fun, most get bored.

Anyway – this does not make the game horrible. Infact, D3 is fun and enjoyable in its own unique way, different from D2. So, let me repeat myself again before we end this section :

Diablo 3 is not a spiritual successor of Diablo 2.

6. Upcoming Paragon 2.0 and Loot 2.0

To keep things simple yet complete :
Paragon 2.0 : unlimited leveling system, specing of skill points which you earn by leveling up paragon. For 1 set of stats you can increase, there are about 4~5 options (such as movement speed, crit chance etc). There are total 4 sets and a paragon point is given in a order (ie. for paragon level 1, point given to set 1 to be speced. Paragon level 6, point given to set 2 to be speced and so on.). Stats excluding core stats (str, dex etc) have limits.

Loot 2.0 : item drops – both type and its stats – adjust and specialize according to the class you are playing.


May be these might help improve end game. Its up for you to decide, you can join PTR to test the developing features of P&L 2.0, go check it out in the Official Blizzard Post.


Diablo 3 is..
●●●◐○ 3.5/5 : Good GameNo doubt your money worth it. At least couple of hundreds of hours of fun! Hard to find such game these days surely! Wait.. *700 hours dota2*
Don’t expect to have infinite replayability like Starcraft.
Not a true successor of Diablo 2.

Recommendation : Wait for Reaper of Souls for better experience imo.
Don’t bother to wait if you were never D2 fan, D3 is fun.

Thanks for reading :)
Apologies in advance to any who felt offended by any topic or presentation in this post. They were simply written in my personal perspective, after a reasonable period of observation. Thank you for your understanding.

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