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A glimpse of undefined behavior in C

Christopher Cole

A few weeks ago a coworker of mine stopped by my desk with a coding question.  We’d recently been quizzing each other over our C knowledge, so I smiled and braced myself for the hell which was clearly to come.

He wrote a few lines of code up on the whiteboard and asked what the program output:

It seemed pretty straightforward. I explained the order of operator precedence – postfix binds before multiplication which binds before addition and also that multiplication and addition’s associativity was left to right, so I grabbed the marker and started writing out the arithmetic.

After I smugly scribbled down the answer, my coworker replied a simple “nope”. I thought for a few minutes, and was stumped. I couldn’t quite remember the order of the postfix operators’ associativity. Furthermore, I knew that wouldn’t even change the order of evaluation here as associativity rules only apply between…

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