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Diablo 3, Beta Update 10 – Unmentioned Minor Changes

Blizzard has announced a new patch for Diablo 3 Beta and has now applied the patch.

The change log can bee seen here
See the changes >>

However, there are some unmentioned minor changes, which are summerised below

1. Hardcore characters

Hardcore characters are now available after completing the campaign in Normal difficulty
hardcore characters have more benefits than normal ones, however their death is permament.

2. Low FX option

Low FX option has been added for those who does not have a strong PC to run the game smoothly.

3. In Game Clock

In-game clock has been added on the top of the minimap, allowing the users to check the time without having to go back to the desktop

4. New levelup icons for followers and Quest Complete Pop-up

A red notification appears on the top of the follower’s portrait when he level-ups, reminding you of the new skills available for him.
Small pop up appears on the bottom of the screen when you complete a quest, reminding you of the great achievement made.

5. Pages for artisans

From now on, gold is required to increase level of the artisans until level 4,
furthur increase requires Pages like on the picture.

That kinda summerises the minor unmentioned changes in the Beta Patch 10

There is also an issue that the game crashes when the user places his mouse on a specific item
Blizzard is aware of this issue, and hopefully it gets fixed in near future.

All these information were collected from
and gentle reminder that I never played the beta to check the changes, as I was not selected as the beta tester.

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