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How to stop Windows Services quickly!

Download Bermuda MultiQuick Tools v1 or higher
>Download(New Tab)

Download Bermuda Service Stopper v1.1 or higher
>Download(New Tab)

Run MultiQuick Tools

Tick on ‘Services’ and press ‘Extract!’

you’ll b able to see ‘services.txt’ in C:\
(the directory can be changed in Extract Options)


Open the textfile, Ctrl+F and find the service you want to quit
Now, the SERVICE_NAME is written below the DISPLAY_NAME.



NOW! Open Service Stopper

input the SERVICE_NAME in the text box,
agree that i wont be responsible (LOL..)
** i stopped windows auto update in the screen shot **

DA-DUM!! done ;P



**addtional info**
I recommend you to tick ‘Pause after process’ in Service Stopper
so that you can know the Result
if the cmd screen(black box thing) says

[SC] OpenService FAILED 1060:

you got the service name wrong.

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