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[Review] Xperia Mini Pro

Speed[spec] : ★★★★☆ [fast enough]
Design : ★★★★★ [personally, its over shoulders]
Touchscreen : ★★★★☆ [only apple gets five stars :D]
Keyboard : ★★★★☆ [quite small for my clumsy bt still cool]
Rooting : i cnt find it for this Dx


this fone is cool, very in both design and spec

touch screen is absolutely good, bt i jus do not find the ‘touching’ feeling compared to apple products
u noe wat im sayin rite?.. haha xD
i jus dont find it as gud as apple

Spec’s cool BUT it has quite small internal memeory.. no matter it supports 32gb sd card as i noe?[wow mines 8]

i fund the shape very attractive
and the feeling of sliding the qwerty keyboard was better then getting laid
cancel dat
qwerty keyboard is useful yet the pressings arnt very pleasing or rather its quite weird
it feels like im tryin to stick a pebble between the rocks
k not THAT weird :D

jus one inconvienience i get is
the home button is hard to press!!!
nice to look but to press it?
i gta change my hand position and force my thumb towards the button and use my epicness to press it
nah its jus harder to press compared to ifone


i recommend this :D

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