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10cm 아메리카노 청소년 유해판정 이유

여성가족부가 문제시 삼은 ‘아메리카노’ 가사는 ‘이쁜 여자와 담배피고 차 마실 때’, ‘다른 여자와 키스하고 담배필 때’란 부분이다. 여성가족부는 해당 가사가 담배를 이쁜 여자와 핀다고 미화하고 다른 여자와 핀다고 노래해 건전한 교제와 만남을 왜곡했음은 물론, 담배란 단어를 가사에 직접적으로 사용한 것을 지적했다.

[UDK] Project Beside Myself – Custom Character and Animation

its been long since i hav not created a proper game
i found this UDK very impressive [although its free] and tried my best to create a game

its not THAT good… but hope it’s attractive :P

I first started off creating my own character in 3ds Max

as u can see, i created bones to make custom animations.. (y am i sayin this? LOL)

then i unwrapped .. ( found it easier to unwrap compared to human models.. Zzzzz )

coloured it as the way i like.. in photoshop of course..
[i thought it was good.. but .. this is one WEIRD map..]

i exported it via ActorX…

and IT WORKED! ofcourse, with the custom animation!