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[Review] 秒速 5センチメ-トル / 5 centimeters per second

damn it.. i missed my train

Hi! its my first time writing a movie review.. so i ain’t sure im gna write well
but with frndly register, I’ll to my best to make up a general image of the movie!!

秒速 5センチメ-トル, the very movie that proves first love is going to hurt you,
the very movie that shows man does not forget the lady he loved.


this is extremely reallastic, sad movie
and pwns other cheap movies like ______..

there are two adorable characters in the movie
Takaki Tōno is the guy
Akari Shinohara is the girl
and they fall in love (…wow..) at the age of like.. 12 or sth??

the person u find in the library is the match.. not in discos or clubs xP


For the story to go on, the girl moves in to some other town and they break apart
(NOT break UP)

and they keep in touch and romance goes on…
[im nt sayin the details not becuz im jealus.. i.. im nt.. ….]

i dun really wna tell u the story so.. check it out by ur self in the movie!!

the movie consists of 3chapters

1. Cherry Blossom

2. Cosmonaut

3. 5 centimeters per second

Cherry Blossom is the chapter about the couple’s childhood

Cosmonaut.. is when the guy goes to highschool
the guy seem to hav lost contact with the girl!! ima like.. WTH happend???

my bike sux

and chapter 3 is.. MUSIC VIDEO! walah
and by this very vid, u can notice
why they’ve been drawing and sketching previous scenes..
you’ll find urself swaring at the girl.. [although she quite seems hurt]


wow… Finally its reviewing time

Facts and feelings bout first love is VERY WELL described
[like texting a msg which u cnt send, you look for her every time etc.]

plus, the reality and heaviness of being part of society
what happens if u have straight A s but no creativity
and what happens if u keep ur girl alone.. [woah.. shit..]


i really didnt know love could mess a guys life up COMPELETLY before watching this..
[the one who rmbers gets hurt == so dman nt fair..]


this would b and end of my review..

i hope i’ve not discriminated the awesomeness of the movie.. :D

anyways, i hope i’ll b able to rite the next review in some time

See ya!

Out of sight.. Out of mind?
One more time, One more chance…

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