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Archive for 09/07/2011

iPad 2 Review

yes. It has been almost a month since I recieved my awesome iPad..
i jus couldnt post a review due to exams.. for give me! :)

Anyway, i’ll start ratings

Main Uses : Gaming, Skecthing etc.

Portability ★★★☆☆
this makes my bag heavier lol.. xD

Speed ★★★★★

Quality(when it arrived) ★★★☆☆
there was a blue dot behind.. ==

Overall ★★★★★

I jus wanna say, this stuff worths the cost
and it is extremely awesome
*best for killing time!! xD

[GM8] Falling Stars!

(Media Fire) Download


BGM – God Knows…


This game cannot be used for commercial uses.