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Review – LG GD900 Crystal Phone

First of all, I was very pleased to buy LG Crystal althou it’s price was about to kill me..
Anyway, being a citizen of Kor, I thought it would b gud to use kor product
and they were usually good too.

However, i assume LG Crystal was one of the most disappointing product i hav ever owned.

First of all, there were no improvements in touch system, still slow and laggy.
reaction is also slow for me

I also had to send it for a service cuz it got a blackscreen, which happend because i deleted
one of the ringtypes in ‘Sound’ Menu, which i didnt create.

Even the service was pathetic. They WIPED MY PHONE and i lost all the contacts and games ive

Furthur more, my trasparent ‘keypad’ doent work cuz a drop of water was sittin on it, and i accidentally
closed it. i now use only touch screen to text and call.

Currently, i still face some bugs like ‘black out’ during a call and ‘untouchable’ bugs.

After having all these truble, i was DISAPPOINTED and i promised to myself not to buy LG stuff again.
i even think the interface is very uncomfortable, xtremely cuz the button between [call] button and [endcall]
button is almost useless.

In my point of view, the phone doesnt worth its cost.

Anyway i recommend u, stick with widely-used, ‘PROVED’ phones.

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