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My PS3 Games Ranking

1. Assassin’s Creed : Brotherhood
Cool game, gud sys and story!

2. Assassin’s Creed 2
It was a fresh, awesome game to me as i didnt try ac1. I love d assassiantion contacts

3. Crysis 2
Haven’t fin yet (on it) bt AWESOME, high quality graphics and awesome sys. Good stuff!

4. Uncharted 2
love the motions of chars and the storyline! i jus wish there were more weapons. cnt wait for 3 xP

5. Call of Duty : Black Ops
Shocking twist and nice sys. wish it had a weapon customizing sys

6. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
one of the many nfs series. it feels like im really drivin however, i find ai quite hard… Dx

7. Final Fantasy XIII
nt as much i expected. i liked the battle sys but i find the game toooooo long and slow..

8. Smackdown vs Raw 2011
like it cuz i can smack ppl. quite crappy sys and no variety of att

9. 2010 FIFA Word Cup South Afica
im happy dat there are no Vuvuzela sounds lol.. quite disappointing ai.

10. Ninja Gaiden Σ2
love the action and chars but the enemies r kinda hard to kill and.. hard to carry out skills! Dx lol

11. Metal Gear Solid 4
i loved msg1,2 on ps2, but 4 is kinda disappointing…. ‘killing’ is easier than ‘sneaking’

12. The Way of Samurai 3
i dun understand any crap.

12games out of 12.

2 responses

  1. crysis rock

    thx bout crysis2 it is awesome.

    22/04/2011 at 1:17 PM

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